Alemão em Berlim


A Berlinguas oferece cursos intensivos de alemão em todos os níveis, em escolas parceiras e in company.  
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Cursos e aulas online


A Berlinguas oferece cursos e aulas de alemão, inglês, espanhol, francês, italiano, russo e português online pelo aplicativo ZOOM US. São aulas voltadas para aqueles que desejam adquirir ou aprimorar seus conhecimentos  de fala, escrita, leitura, audição, fonética, gramática e vocabulário.
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Videoaulas gravadas


A Berlinguas oferece cursos completos de alemão em formato de vídeoaulas.
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Quem gostou


  • I definitely recommend Berlinguas and Ramona. At the beginning I was quite skeptical about Skype classes, but I must confess I truly enjoy it now. Ramona is a perfect teacher!

    Gabriela Seixas – Brasil
  • Best teachers and best classes ever! I love it! Thank you Marco for all the support and Juliana for the Geduld 😉

    Marilia Caputo – Brasil
  • Minha mãe e eu fomos um dos primeiros a conhecer Berlim e seus arredores com o Marco e sua esposa Zoya. Posso dizer que a experiência foi incrível e nunca a esqueceremos. A viagem foi extremamente proveitosa, pois os profissionais (e amigos!) nos levaram aos principais pontos da capital e das cidades vizinhas, explicando as histórias, curiosidades e nos inserindo um pouco à cultura alemã.
    Marco e Zoya são pessoas agradabilíssimas, pacientes e possuem currículo acadêmico admirável. Espero estar com vocês novamente, desta vez para estudar e conhecer um pouco da língua alemã!

    João Paulo Ferigato – Brasil
  • Berlinguas has the best German teachers in Berlin, guaranteed. I’ve had the pleasure of studying with Marco in the past months. It was professional and also fun!

    Niv Shpigel – Israel
  • I had my doubts about an online-school, but i finally chose Berlinguas cause i deeply trust in the job of Marco Ryan after he was my professor of German in Berlin and the best i’ve ever had. Thanks God i did it!! After disappointing lessons in more that one Germans school in Munich, I decieded to try an online school. I am currently learning with Berlinguas with another excellent teacher and i am more than happy. I have to say German is a difficult language and to choose a good teacher is crucial. Not to mention that the posibility to take lessons at your own home could be the best option for working people like me, without time to go to a School. At Berlinguas i have great lessons, dynamics and fun and i get aaall the help from my teacher.I have so improved my language skills and i am more than happy. Thank you Berlinguas, i speak German! :D!

    Gabriela Fernandez – Cuba
  • We’re learning with Berlinguas through Skype and it works great! Our teacher Marco is really a wonderfull teacher. He explains everything clearly, with patiance and humor. The lessons are diverse: Aside from the book-exersices, Marco uses poems, pictures, games and films to teach the material. Part of the lesson is usually dedicated to conversation according to our level and with no preasure. We can actually notice how our German is getting better.
    Marco was my theacher already in 2010 at the language-school in Berlin, for 4 month. In 2015, back in my homeland, when my wife and I wanted to get back to learning German, I imidiatly thought of Marco. Marco offers a good price, and makes learning so much fun!
    Danke sehr, lieber Marco! Wir sind glücklich, dich als Lehrer zu haben 🙂

    Yoav & Anna – Israel
  • Em janeiro de 2015 fiz um mês de alemão em Berlim. Além de aprimorar meus conhecimentos do alemão, conheci gente do mundo todo!
    Para tornar minha passagem pela capital alemã mais agradável, contratei os serviços da Berlinguas. Planejamento de viagem, curso de alemão, estadia, seguro-saúde, translado e passeios por Berlim foram eles que organizaram pra mim. E tudo a um preço acessível. Para aqueles que pensam em ir a Berlim, eu recomendo a Berlinguas.

    Ronaldo – Brasil
  • I studied German in BSI Private Sprachenschule in Berlin in January 2015. I hired Berlinguas services and they took care of everything, from the level test application and registration, to the transfer. They were very attentive and helpful before and throughout my stay. I highly recommend their services.

    Mirtes – Brasil
  • Thanks guys for the page you made. I hope it’s going to be very useful for numerous people all over our globalized world. Honestly, I start thinking about getting my deutsch better through your service.

    Mikhail Voronkov – Russia
  • “Marco Ryan was my German teacher for a period of 6 months in the language school “BSI private Sprachenschule” in Berlin. The German course consisted of 4 hours every day, from Monday to Friday.
    Marco knows how to keep and increase the motivation and the interest of the students to learn German in a professional and, at the same time, entertaining way. He enjoys his job and as a consequence, learning German is easier with him.
    After these 6 months I got the certificate B2 and I was able to get a job in Germany.
    I highly recommend Marco.”

    Diego Bisabarros Gil – Spain
  • Lieber Marco,

    die Erfahrung 6 Monate in Brasilien zu arbeiten und zu leben war für mich sehr interessant und wertvoll, habe viel gesehen und gelernt über Menschen. Kultur und Land.

    Das Training mit Dir hat mir geholfen mich auf die Zeit in Sao Paulo gut vorzubereiten und auch einige Unsicherheiten zu nehmen. Vor Ort hat sich vieles so dargestellt wie Du es geschildert hast, hatte allerdings nie Situationen in denen ich mich wegen der Sicherheitslage wirklich unwohl gefühlt habe. Kollegen haben allerdings berichtet das es Vorfälle gab und sie teilweise auch persönlich betroffen waren. Vorsicht ist also tatsächlich angesagt.

    Von daher: Danke nochmal für das Training – es war sehr hilfreich.

    Liebe Grüße

    F. S. – Germany
  • Hallöchen, gostaria mais uma vez de agradecer pela sua atenção e ajuda com a linguagem alemã, tudo que pude aprender com você tem sido sempre de grande ajuda.


    Sergio Mauro – Brasil